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Mal Macabre Art Review

Based in Dayton, Ohio, Mal Macabre is not for the faint of heart. Gloriously gory and deliciously eerie, they’re artistic displays are indulgently grotesque. Straight out of a horror film, Mal Macabre’s imagination knows no bounds, not even the gnarly brimstone doors of hell itself.

The paintings are gratifyingly unsettling, perfect for those with an iron stomach and an interest in the bleak mystique of death. Are skulls your icon of choice? You’ll find plenty of those here, fused to one another or dressed as living people. Masses of melting flesh dripping off the canvas are gut-churning even in the simple black and white starkness of the medium.

The sculptures are even more intense, bringing with them a realism that will make you believe they will reach out and drag you into the bowels of Hades. The artist does not shy away from the truly obscene, and horror fans the world over will be the happier for it. The Swamp Hag in particular is indeed a credit to the artist’s portfolio.

They outshine all of their other works, however, with their character make-up and props. Want to outdo all of your friends for Halloween? Need to look the part for that zombie 5-K run you were thinking about entering? Or are you a devoted cosplayer who wants to dabble in the monstrously malformed? Mal Macabre is the only one to contact. A talent to be worshipped, they are well worth the summoning.


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