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Jenny J. Art Review

Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Jenny Jurcsisn (preferring the simpler Jenny J.) is the artist we all wish to be. Self-taught, she is the kind of creator who picked it up one day and could never put it back down again, leading to her entering her breathtaking work in shows years later. A local success story, her hobby turned into a part-time occupation and I for one am grateful for it.

Using all sorts of bases on which to begin her work, her painting medium of choice is alcohol inks, finishing in varnish and often resin.

These paintings are the ones you want to hang all over your house. Captivating and soothing, they are reminiscent of marble, granite, or smooth sea glass. Mixing light and airy shades with dark and brooding shades of the same color, she creates abstract pieces the look like a brewing storm or crashing waves. The hues never clash, mixing perfectly in swirls and bubbles and petals of royal purples, ocean blues and greens, and rose pinks. Hints of shimmering gold and silver give the paintings further variety and elegance. Some works even appear as if Jurcsisn pressed dozens of giant flower blooms to the canvas and sealed them in resin. The natural and subtle tones and patterns give them an earthy quality despite the abundance of color.

Lovingly crafted, the finished products are so lovely I want to buy them all for myself.


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