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Gary Mitchell Photography Review

Gary Mitchell’s mastery of the camera is nothing less than astounding. With a focus on nude photography, his work is magnificent and a true artistic feat. There is nothing remotely crass or perverse in the nature of Mitchell’s art, only vision and beauty.

His understanding of contrast and ability to manipulate light and shadow is either a divine gift or a product of intense study and practice. He captures such spirit and detail in his photos that it’s not only the model’s body that seems to be exposed, but her soul. Each subject’s vitality and individuality shines brilliantly, their expressions telling visual tales of boldness, sorrow, desire, love, daring, pride, and above all vulnerability.

Mitchell’s use of textured settings, perspective, and almost contortionist-styled posing brings to life an ethereal sense of perfection and grace. The nature portion of his portfolio creates a serene, mystical universe, his models like nymphs weaving the elements around themselves like garments of regality and sorcery. Conversely, his industrial photos feel nearly post-apocalyptic, surreal with loneliness and barrenness, the women posing in wastelands of machinery as if they were just gears in the workings.

The talent of both Gary Mitchell and his gymnastic subjects is supernatural and something artists to aspire to.


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