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Bradley the Dark Art Review

Bradley the Dark has a style that is both odd and fun to experience. Working in acrylics with flair for portraying psychopaths, as he refers to them, Bradley is indeed dark. Dahmer, Bundy, and Manson are just a few of the mugshots he’s rendered.

Bradley paints recognized figures from the darker side of history, and the interest society has for these murderous men certainly make the works desirable to fans of horror and murder documentaries (admit it, we all enjoy a good murder mystery). Though the subject matter is grim, the paintings themselves have a rather pleasing quality. Almost hyper realistic, the faces are smooth and soft, reminiscent of a cartoon.

His pet portraits have that same cartoonish softness, which make them inherently cuter. With their large eyes and pink noses, they make you want to take them home and cuddle them.

A line of paintings featuring close-ups of mouths, each unique, is a must for any fan of Orange is the New Black, as they greatly resemble the show’s opening credits.

Other treasures he’s created are his pop culture characters, featuring the other well-known Manson as well as very entertaining portrayal of Danny DeVito.

Somehow simultaneously goofy and creepy, Bradley the Dark is definitely worth commissioning.


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