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Sorry, Not Sorry

Here’s a little thing I’m still working on. I hope it helps you too, though it absolutely takes some practice.

The trick is simple, quick. There’s no five-step plan, nor a list of relatable anecdotes. Simply put, replace your apologies with thanks. Stop assigning blame to yourself when no one is. Or even if they are, don’t be an ass like them. You are human and it is normal to make mistakes, stop apologizing for it. If you’re late, say “Thank you for waiting for me.” If you make a mistake at work say, “Thank you for being understanding.”

Also, try to put a positive spin on all your statements. Instead of calling yourself ugly, say, “I would like to live a healthier lifestyle,” or “I would like to make a change to my appearance for fun.” You’re not lazy, you prioritize work by what absolutely needs to get done and refrain from stressing about the rest.

Infuse some positive and uplifting affirmation into your life. It will take awhile to make it a habit, but remember that it’s not a failure when you forget. It’s an area for improvement.

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