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Overseas Love Crisis Band Review

Break out your black skinny jeans, dramatically wing your eyeliner, and let those bangs fall in your face, because Overseas Love Crisis has a sound that is as scene as they come.

OLC keeps the guitar riffs and drum beats coming fast and hard when they hit the stage, in true pop punk fashion. You will not be able to sit down, so uncontrollable is the urge to mosh. Loud, fast, and upbeat – much in the style of the All American Rejects – the environment they create is supercharged, like a shaken soda upon explosion. Their performance is nothing short of aggressive and fearless.

Even more enjoyable than the rambunctious music is their onstage charisma. They are here to have a good time, naysayers be damned. All decorum is thrown to the wind in favor of pure anarchy as the mosh pit suddenly comes to include the stage itself, fans and band members alike jumping and headbanging side by side. And just when you think the show couldn’t possibly get any better, they suddenly whip out a trumpet and begin blasting out some sweet brass.

Massively fun and unadulteratedly punk, OLC is a riot.

Learn more at http://www.overseaslovecrisis.com/#about

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