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Kyra V and the Bleeding Edge Band Review

The audience gathers before the stage in anticipation, excited chatter filling the hall. The drinks are poured, and the lights are dimmed. And then the crash of thunder sends a tremor through the crowd; a lone musician takes his place onstage, hammering out a rolling, ominous drumroll. As if summoned by dark magic, a new musician breaks forth from the throng of people and takes position behind a second drum, calling forth the next member of the ensemble, and then the lady herself. The raven-haired punk angel opens her darkly painted lips and out flows the rich melody of a siren, entrancing the captivated spectators with a voice thick and sweet as honey.

A talented R & B and pop artist/band, Kyra V (and the Bleeding Edge) hails from Columbus, Ohio. Her voice possesses a haunting quality that pairs beautifully with the harmony of a piano. It washes over the listener like the tide, powerful and encompassing. Her vocal runs can go on for an eternity, and one can easily lose themselves in the sound. Akin to the sweeping majesty of Adele, this singer has been blessed with a magical gift.

As accomplished a songwriter as she is a performer, her debut album, Mask, carries with it the same lovely mystique. The stories she pens are raw and relatable, and married to music that winds itself around you like enchanted vines, driven by that spellbinding voice.

An experience for the ages, Kyra V and the Bleeding Edge will leave you bewitched.

Learn more at https://www.musicglue.com/kyravmusic

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