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5 Tools to Help You De-stress


I make a lot of jabs at yoga on this blog for being cliché or…dare I say, basic. Please note that all of that is purely in jest. The truth is, I really like it. If that makes me a basic bitch, so be it. I also really love pumpkin spice if that tells you anything.

Yoga is really relaxing, though. It’s a great way to loosen up and relieve pent up stress. A nice byproduct, or perhaps your main goal, is the opportunity for exercise. Potentially loose weight AND destress? Yes, please!

My recommendation is youtuber Yoga with Adriene. She is down to earth, encouraging, and peaceful. Her backdrop is clean, simple, and stylish, with a somewhat homey feel, with a large picture window and sleek hardwood floors. She seems knowledgeable of her craft, and is – oh! Is that a doggy!? Yes, her adorable canine companion, Benji, makes a number of cameos. So there’s that.

Another perk is her vast repertoire – you’re unlikely to have to watch the same video twice, unless you want to! And she has a playlist for every occasion. And I damn near mean everything. Obviously, my top pick to post on this particular blog is her yoga for anxiety playlist. But there’s also sets of videos for bedtime, weight loss, flexibility, beginners, and even wedding prep and parenting. There’s playlists designed to last a limited amount of time for people on the go, videos targeting specific trouble areas on the body like back pain or digestive flow, and for certain events or sports one might be interested in.

Please go check her out, she’s kind of amazing.


Ah, liquid gold.

A good cup of chamomile can fix just about anything. Like thirst.

Admittedly, somewhat of an acquired taste, I didn’t like it much at first myself. But I figured if I could learn to love coffee – fancy grande with a shot of whipped cream, or as black as my soul – then I could give tea a try. The health benefits can be great – helping with weight loss, offering a better source for caffeine, or helped you unwind. Other brews can act as a sleep aid or positively affect organ function. Liquid gold, indeed.

I used to put sugar in mine, which isn’t bad. Until my father scolded me, as apparently it’s nothing short of family tradition to stir in a bit of honey. Which is much better, I’ll admit, and carries far better health benefits itself.

Heh. Even Adriene has her own suggestion in her video about yogi tea.


Now, I’m not suggesting you run to the dollar store and grab the first princess-themed coloring book you find. Unless of course you’re into that – which, full disclosure, I’m a total Disnerd, so no judgment. But if you want something a little more…adult, try an adult coloring book! No, not like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. Although, they do sell a Game of Thrones coloring book…

No, what I talking about are things like The Impossible Coloring Book, where the objective is to somehow find a way to color in optical illusions. That one might be slightly less stress-relieving, but it can also be incredibly freeing and imaginative. Or The Peaceful Adult Coloring Book Series, full of tropical fish and birds and landscapes.

These are a great way to get out of your head. Added bonus if it gives you something to do instead of scrolling on your phone while your significant other watches the game. Whether that be sports, of live streams of the card game Magic the Gathering… Guess which one my fiancé does…


A nice, hot bubble bath can also do the trick. Put on some music… Perhaps orchestral? Light some candles, or if you’re like me and don’t want to worry about blowing them all out when you’re done, turn on your Scentsy warmer. Hell, plug in a Glade. Whatever works. You do you, sweetheart.


I will never forget my first massage. And not one of the well-intended but lackluster shoulder rubs my fiancé likes to bestow upon me. But a real massage. With oils and hot rocks and mood music. Mmmm…. What are you waiting for? Go book one! Get out of here, I need to go make a phone call!

I hope you find these tools as useful as I have!

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