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Fallan Maunz Photography Review

Fallan Maunz is, in a word, artistic. Encompassed in that succinct definition, however, is a plethora of talents and interests that makes this lovely entrepreneur a truly glittering gem. Most noteworthy of such is her newly thriving business in photography. But there is so much more to this well-rounded budding paparazzo.

A splash of color in this beautiful world, Maunz is unafraid to express herself. A walking work of art, her bright-eyed, bright-haired, inked aesthetic will have you blue-green with envy to match her vibrant locks. Inspiring in her confident demeanor and self-expression, she brings light to her peers. And with an exotic name like Fallan, who could expect less?

What’s more, she’s an advocate for the arts. Attending as many concerts as she can, she makes a point to support those similarly looking to share their passions with the world. She proudly collects and flaunts their product to show her support, and is vocally active on social media as well. Using her platform as a blogger and concert photographer, she praises the members of the musical and other fine arts communities for their affinity for being tightknit. Even playing in the role of actress to aid a local musician, she co-starred in the first Ellis Omega music video, It’s Not You It’s Me. Unfailing in her devotion to her network of creative souls, she bears the mark of compassionate and fierce humanitarian.

But I digress.

Fallan Maunz Photography is a visual pleasure. Though freshly launched into the business, she exhibits a natural flair for her craft. She seems to see the potential in a simple scene and shoots it in the best possible light. Scenery one might not normally take notice of suddenly bursts to life with Maunz behind the lens. From a plain tree branch or sunflower to the every day smile of a loved one, she captures memories in exquisite detail. Brides will look ever flattering on their joyous day, children’s laughs are almost audible through the image, and a serene landscape will soothe your soul. But her crowning glory is the almost living, breathing depictions of her favorite musicians. One can nearly hear the strains of music, feel the sweat pouring, and taste the cool burn of liqueur. She uses the pulsing lights to her advantage and never misses an opportunity to snap a shot of a jump mid-air, a lively head bang, or the intimate kiss of a singer’s lips to the mic. Put on the artist’s soundtrack and you can imagine you’re actually there.

With so much to offer, Maunz is sure to achieve her dreams in the future and will no doubt have fun along the way. A force to be reckoned with, be on the lookout for this cyclone of creativity.

Learn more at https://www.fallanmaunzphotography.com/

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