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Colt & Crew Band Review

While technically classified as a band, Colt & Crew is really a beast of a wholly new nature. The genius of this fresh take on a musical ensemble is that it works like a small puzzle with a large number of interchangeable pieces. The band has over forty official members, though only a handful play at any given gig. It works as a beautifully and expertly oiled machine, using the appropriate cogs as it becomes necessary. With Colt Burnett operating as the creative mastermind behind this new style of performing, it suits both the members and the audience well.

It started as an idea born of a string of frustrations and dead ends in Burnett’s career. A small-town artist and family man, he found himself struggling to forge connections with other musicians that were mutually beneficial for everyone involved. Falling victim to the restraints of tight schedules all around, the bands he had previously been a part of failed to find adequate time to rehearse and perform as a whole unit. Dedicated to his blessed home life, but still passionate about his art, he devised a plan to keep practices from falling through and his potential group from falling apart. In his years in the local music scene, Burnett had established a rather vast network of talented musicians who shared his zeal and were inspired by his idea for growth and stability. And thus Colt & Crew was born. As the fearless leader, Burnett books a gig in his home town or the surrounding area and invites a small number of the many artists in his network to perform with him. Having fostered a friendly rapport with each individual, the group generally only requires one or two practice sessions prior to a show. The result is a bottomless wellspring of talent and a safety net that protects the group from last minute emergencies and cancellations that might prevent a production from taking place.

The truest strength this interesting dynamic introduces is its variety. With so many different options, members can choose to participate in gigs that fit them best. Some shows cater more to fans of classic rock, while others favor heavy metal – Burnett’s personal preference. Others still lean more in the direction of pop punk as Burnett works with the various members’ tastes and aspirations. Each time Colt & Crew plays, it provides a unique experience for the crowd. With a keen sense for its audience’s desires and expectations, the crew’s ability to be so versatile in its style, sound, and stage presence proves to be their best quality.

A treat for many types of music lovers, Colt & Crew is genuinely entertaining and inspiring as it makes all of its members feel included and helps new artists gain traction as they follow their dreams. Giving everyone a sense of being a part of something bigger than themselves, it is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/coltcrewrocku/

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