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Ellis Omega Artist Review

(This review is identical to the bio found on Omega's professional website as I was recruited to write it per his request.)

Singer/songwriter Ellis Omega is a talented up and coming acoustic artist whose originals – featured on his first EP, Hope Is For the Ruined – offer a uniquely haunting and emotional sound as he draws from his own life experiences for inspiration. His diverse tastes and talents vary from metal to classic rock to popular hits from the 1990s to 2000s, though his true love is modern pop punk. A skilled musician, he has a knack for just about any instrument he tries his hand at; his biggest strengths are acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, as well as piano, drums, and vocals. His charisma also shines as his engagement with the audience proves to be an excellent part of his performance. A true showman at heart, he loves interacting with fans and making every show memorable and spirited.

His career began to take off in November of 2015, when Ellis met hip hop sensation Taylor Zank (T-Zank), the founder of Successful Musik Group. Recording from Zank’s studio, the Digitracks studio in Fort Wayne, and his own home, his EP dropped in May, 2016, and featured drummer Taime Scheuithauer. Following the release, Ellis has made several solo appearances in Northwest and Southwest Ohio and Eastern Indiana, all in the surrounding area of his home base in St. Marys, Ohio. He also regularly lends his talents to local acts such as Colt & Crew (Van Wert County, OH), Erastus (Mercer County, OH), and casual outings with friends like guitarist Matt King. In addition to his solo performances, he, Scheuithauer, King, and Megan Baker form an original four piece pop punk band under Omega’s name.

Prepare yourself for an entertaining experience and check out Ellis Omega at one of his live shows and make sure to pick up a copy of his well-crafted EP, Hope Is For the Ruined – and maybe grab a T-shirt as a souvenir to commemorate the occasion! And make sure to stay tuned for his next EP, which he is excited to currently be working on.

Learn more at http://artistecard.com/Ellisomega

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