Coming Soon

The Shifter Chronicles: Re-Release

I am currently working on the rewriting, editing, and marketing of the series, following Sephora and her gang. Will she overcome her enemy, or will she fall prey to the same inner demons that have plagued her nemesis for a lifetime?

Twisted Fairy Tale Series

The cauldron keeps on brewing as ideas flood my mind. What's inside Pandora's box? How did Rumplestiltskin learn to weave his troubled golden web of tragedies? Will the prince find his slumbering beauty, or will she have to save him herself? A new series will come to life as I pen the adventures of the classic characters we all know so well. Or do we?

Short Stories:
A Variety

Not all stories must span several hundred pages. If you fantasize about witches, zombies, dragons, and mermaids, stay tuned for some fun little nuggets I'm creating for you to enjoy.

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